10 Great Airbnb Castles in UK

1. A Whole Castle to Call Your Own.

Stay in a Victorian castle in Yorkshire Dales! Fifteen bedrooms make this the perfect place for your entire royal family.

2. Victorian Gothic Castle in Devon.

This ocean-view castle is the perfect place to enjoy the British countryside. It’s both child and pet friendly!

3. Exclusive Castle in Cornwall.

Enjoy this sprawling, ten-bedroom castle its 55 acres of gardens and woodlands, and its on-site activities.

4. Live in an Historic English Castle!

This castle has individual rooms for rent, and it’s totally kid-friendly. Stay like royalty in a quiet neighbourhood for your next holiday!

5. Delightful Converted Chapel Halifax.

Welcoming hosts make a stay in this historic absolutely delightful! This is very affordable castle rental option.

6. Historic Castle in Borders.

Enjoy life as Scottish nobility in this gorgeous little castle. Revel in the fascinating history of this site while you stay!

7. The Gatehouse at Upton Cressett.

Stay in this Elizabethan gatehouse with a Tudor flair and enjoy views of the perfectly manicured historic grounds from your bedroom window.

8. Traquair – 900 Year old Castle.

The grounds of this castle date back nearly a thousand years, when it was a royal hunting lodge. Live like Scotch royalty!

9. Rustic Scottish Castle Retreat.

Stay in Kilmartin Castle, a 500-year-old rustic home tucked away and surrounded by interesting things to do and see.

10. Hatch’s Castle – William Hatch Room.

This castle looks like your typical fairytale castle, complete with tower and battlements as well as a spiral staircase.


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